Play hands-free without a rack around your neck!

Traditional neck worn harmonica holder's tend to slip and move in use. If the harmonica is moving, it's more difficult to play.
With HarpLock, the harmonica is securely held in place at the grill of the microphone allowing you to naturally play better.

HarpLock magnetic harmonica holder

HarpLock is completely nondestructive, easily removable and guaranteed for life.

There are no moving parts, no threads to strip and HarpLock allows a musician to quickly attach or remove a harmonica with one hand.

HarpLock is lightweight, strong and holds harmonicas securely.



How does HarpLock work?

HarpLock is made of rigid stainless steel and uses a single rubber covered neodymium magnet to hold your harmonicas safely and securely in place.

The positioning of the harmonica shelf, relative to the microphone capsule, allows both vocal and harmonica to be captured with one microphone.

HarpLock places the harmonica close enough to the mic to capture the sound of the harmonica, and directs air from the harp at an angle that prevent plosives. (A loud rush of air at the capsule of the microphone.)

harmonica in HarpLock front view.HarpLock is almost invisible from the audience perspective and leaves the mic grill unobstructed for comfortable vocals.

Installation is easy.

HarpLock is mounted between the grill and the base of a microphone and works best with a stable mic stand such as the DR Pro Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom

HarpLock- The Revolutionary Hands-Free Harmonica Holder

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US $2.04
International $11.48

HarpLock is designed for the Shure SM58 and Shure Beta 58A but also fits similar microphones with a maximum grill thread diameter of 1.290" (Almost 1 5/16")